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Because all that perimeter on a circle skirt gets retardedly crazy!!!! I've sewn exactly one row of trim on each of my skirts (actually still working on the pink one) of three each. And sewing that horsehair braid is nothing short of torture (hemming circle skirts? omgggg.) and created kind of a line of ugliness where I pulled too tight on hemming I think, which is partially why I'm doing three rows of trim, to cover the obvious line of horsehair at those parts, particularly on my pink skirt. Admittedly I've been going really slowly with it, just kind of picking up some thread and sewing bits and pieces here and there when I come home in the mornings from night float, that sort of thing. I keep telling myself it will be Worth It (TM) though :P

Sui, do you mean the casa satin? o_____O Oh no, I'd been planning to use it. Not that I decided which fuku I wanted to do next or anything yet. >____> I'm actually kind of halfway plotting a Serenity-sort-of dress. With a skirt like this.
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