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Originally Posted by Addy Stark View Post
Name: Adrianna, but I would love a nick name; you can call me Sansa
Active Cosplays: Mio from K-on
Future: Soi Fong (Bleach), Reika (Gantz), Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken), (still debating on others)
Location: Solano County
Conventions: AOD (Cancelled), Fanime, Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con (working on getting the ticket), Japan Expo (US), Sac Anime (Maybe)
Well hello Sansa. ^_^
I love your choices in cosplay.
You're only about 1hour and 50mins away from me.
I'll add you on FaceBook.
You aren't going to AOD any more? I wish I had the money for Comic con. X3

I see from you facebook URL "kunoichi27" does this mean you like Naruto? or just a fan of Ninjas?
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