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Originally Posted by Pepsie View Post
Name: Peps or Kayla
Active Cosplays: Volcarona, Xarius
Future: Midna, Shadow, giratina, (thinking of others....probably pokemon again haha )
FB, TUMBLR: No face book sadly but,,
Conventions: Fanime, Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con (HUGE MAYBE) , Sac Anime (another maybe)
Comments: I really wanna group ;A; hard to find people with the same interest~
Hi, nice to meet you
I'd love to see your Midna cosplay once it's done. :3
I'll also be at Fanime and Sac-Anime, really wanna go to Anime Expo, but it's too much money for me right now.
I know your from the bay area, so I'm guessing by not giving location you'd just like to meet up for conventions.
Yes, I've been trying to form a group for a long time, but it's hard. :/

Originally Posted by SecretCosplayer View Post
Age: 17
Name: Samantha, but I gained the nickname Samsung and I like it.
Active Cosplays: Suiseiseki, May-rin
Future cosplays: Meiko (Conchita), Madame Red (Black Butler), Miku (Black Vow)
Location: need to know how easy/difficult it will be to get together
Conventions: AOD, Fanime, maybe Sac-anime, maybe Anime Expo
Comments&Questions: Facebook would be the best way to reach me. I don't really use deviantart. I'll probably be one of those convention meet up people.

Hey, "Samsung", it's great to hear from you.
It's nice that you like Kuroshitsuji, it's my second favorite anime/manga. :3
I'll be going to all those conventions, but not Anime Expo.
That sounds fine. I always meet up with people at conventions. <3
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