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Oy, well, I've made a dark braid extension from yarn for my Mulan (as I don't want a full wig- they make me feel dizzy to wear them, but an extension, I can tolerate), and I'm gonna dye the top for my dress a dark purple today.. It should be completed. I'm making her dress short (knee length) - I'm not good with making long skirts at all, and I really don't want to be wearing 3 layers of fabric under my top, which I would be if I made a long white dress for the skirt..

As for Alice: I succeeded in making a top to go with the dress' skirt. It's made from the same fabric that I used for my skirt, so that my sleeves will match the color of my skirt. I'm no expert at making tops at all, but the design was fairly easy and I'm soo proud of myself now.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find white tights for the leggings and I don't want to wear knee-highs, as they always slip down (and stockings aren't white enough to my liking.. too see-through), so I'm just gonna go with my gray tights.. :/
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