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Seifer-sama: Wow! Awesome collection there. I am trying to decide who to do next from 6, I'll have to keep your link on hand for some reference. Kinda leaning towards Locke or Setzer this time since the only girl I haven't done is Relm and I don't care for her.

Loveable-Eve: OK, sorry about totally off topic... but your icon is Epros right?? Good lord I love that game.

MissLunatic: I am so in agreement on the lipstick! I think you can come up with something lovely using the colors you like best that will still be very identifiable as Locke. Personally I'm not a fan of the zebra stripes in a lot of Amano art so I wouldn't use that either. It's fun coming up with whatever works best for you.

Zaiten: Yes! You should do Celes! (for Akon of course :P) Sprite Celes is a ton of fun, there's so much you can do with the outfit.
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