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Originally Posted by LeanaMee101 View Post
But anyway, I'm trying to find a way to flatten myself down and have been looking at the Ultimate Chest Binder Tank from Underworks (Style 997) but I wanted opinions on it and if there was a way to confirm my size? Also, how long is the shirt if anyone knows?
I have both the 997 and 983, and since I lost a ton of weight last year went through several different sizes for each. Their measurement recommendation (average your underbust and full bust) is a good idea, so take those and find where you are. If it helps with sizing, I started at a 38DD (M) then went to a 34DD (S) and am now a 32C (XS). My rule of thumb was round down not up since boobs are just fat, they squish down pretty good.

Personally I prefer the 983 since I found the 997 was way too long on me and I'm 5'5". It's about 24" from shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. Because it's so long, it'll roll up unless you've got pants on with a belt to keep it in place. I found it bunched up around my waist. Not uncomfortable, just silly looking.

983 is only like 13" long from the shoulder. The actual construction is exactly the same as the 997, it's just much shorter (ends at my ribcage). I thought I'd like the 997 better to help smooth the tummy area and all, but I hated the bunching & rolling up and now that I'm thinner I don't really worry about my waist at all.

Regardless of which one you go with, my best piece of advice is do NOT put the binder on over your head like you would a shirt. It is 900% easier to put it on upside down bringing it up from your hips than down over your head. Seriously. I wish someone had told me that before I wore my first binder.
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