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My Ciel cosplays tend to take the most money, just because I'm dedicated to being the best of him I can be and like props too much >x<; Trying to get the right color for his hair caused me to go through three wigs that all added up to about $90 (One 30, one femCiel I use for 45, then the one I use now for 17. The fact I could've gotten it cheap in the first place is a slap to the face..) Rings cost me around $15, costumes from $105-$130..gloves and tights $20 altogether, shoes $10, props (a couple of canes, plushies, etc) probably add up to about $30 and will go to $60 once I order my Funtom rabbit.
Proof of love (*cough*OBSESSION*cough*), guys. Nearly $300, which isn't that much in comparison to some of these, but a lot of those prices were guesstimates since it's been so long. If you're counting both the costumes of him I'm getting, though, it's closer to $400. Still not TOO bad since that's been since I started cosplaying him a couple of years ago. My average for costumes used to be about $180, but since then it's about $150.
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