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Friday: Either Kuro [Quadsuit] from Ao No Exorcist or Tiasha Raggs from 07 Ghost [with moving wings].. or.... mabye Cherubimon from Digimon xD
Saturday: Toothless v.2 [Animatronic Quadsuit] from How To Train Your Dragon
Sunday: Kirito from Sword Art Online unsure if I'll do season 1 or season 2 but if I do season 2 I'll make moving wings

Oh dear god... why do I torture myself [3 mascots and/or 2 large cosplays with moving wings].....

Omnimonchmonchmonch is the new omnomnom and is most commonly said by dragons. =P Spread the word! Lol

Originally Posted by Tsukune:
I felt like the Otaku world needed a word to describe the none-otaku/cosplayer/gamer/nerd and none awesome people of the world just like in Harry Potter with how they use the word Muggle to describe none magic folk, so I came up with the word Nord. So a Nord is a none nerd.

Nord = Individual
Nords = More than one
Nordians = Society/Species
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