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ColossalCon 2013

I noticed there were no threads on this so.....
Ok!! So Im probaly going to go to COLOSSALCON!!! So I've been looking up a lot of info on it (thats just what i do ;D ) any I wanted to know...are there going to be any Hetalia cosplayers?
This is my first Con EVER!!! So i would also like some advice or feedback from others who have went to this before!!!
Im going to Cosplay as Italy!~ (ve~) but Im going to need your guys opinion on Im black (wait, *checks hand* Im brown, nevermind) And IDK if I will look good (or even ok) with the Italy cosplay wig so plzz help me with your wonderful opinions!!!!
Well I've talked enough!! I'll be expecting some answers soon, got it

(lol im american so I just HAD to put this up!!! )
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