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Starting in my late high school years, when I was starting to get into the Goth subculture. I had heard that some people within the culture like to give themselves nicknames, so I decided to do the same. Probably one of the most common of goth nicknames is Raven, so I went with the latin name for Raven Which was Corvus corax (Corvus for short).

The word Inkubae was created like this. First, it's derived from the word Incubus, which is the word for a male demon who seduces women in their sleep. The plural word for incubus is incubi. I changed the C to a K and changed the I to an AE to both give the word a pagan/wiccan styling, and to make the word look and sound cooler. Hence the name Corvus Inkubae was born

The use of numbering in my username comes from the cyber-industrial scene. Here's how numbers can replace letters

0=O 1=I 3=E 4=A 5=S 6=G 7=L 8=B 9=Q

So I incorperated the numbers into my username and that's how my username on came to be
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