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It's only February, but I'm super excited to be going back

If everything goes according to plan. . .

Friday: fem!Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia. I will get pictures in the Wardman Towers.
Saturday: French Maid Nidalee from League of Legends. I'm super stoked about this one
Sunday: Oh gosh, either Lumpy Space Princess, Mami from PMMM, or Luka.

Anime USA 2012
Anarchy Stocking-Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Battle Bunny Riven-League of Legends

Nekocon 2013
French Maid Nidalee-League of Legends

Katsucon 2014
French Maid Nidalee-League of Legends
Megurine Luka, Project Diva version-Vocaloid
Amethyst-Steven Universe

Katsucon 2015
Princess Tiana, Historically Accurate ver.-The Princess and the Frog
Lumpy Space Princess-Adventure Time

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