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Princess Serenity costs about 100$
Wig: 80$ (styled myself)
Casa Crepe: 9$ for 2.5 yards
Pleather: 5$ for a yard
chiffon: 2$ for 6 yards
beading: 5$

Most of my materials I collected over time so it's been really cheap.

I think the most I've spent on a costume was 200?
And that was even including mess up's. And that was on Small Lady Serenity.

Hmmm, Lara Croft is pricey.

Video Game (lol, research) + Strategy guide: over 100$
necklace attire with clay: about 10$ I'm guessing
Recurve Bow with arrow: 27$ (a steal)
Tank top: 6$
Cargo pants: 6$
hair dye: 10$
Clip on pony tail: 6$
Cardboard: Free
Belts: ???4
pleather: 5-10

So about 200$ when all is said and done for Lara Croft. If I don't get the game right away then that lowers the cost of course.

Most of my costumes cost 200 or less.
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