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I will have an Aerith and a Serah Farron (Both the same person) As well as Another >.< I can't for the life of me remember what the third character is >.< But it is the wedding dress.... I know that much... I will have to see if I can't drag her down for a photoshoot....

Unfortunately... my FF cosplays are all for guys... and Well... I no longer have a guy to wear them xD (I have Squall and Sephiroth with Sword/Gunblade) >.> I could possibly bring along the weapons should someone need them for the photoshoot ^.^ Depends on how packed the car is with my Kamikazi Kaitou Jeanne Finn Fish Staff and lantern and my Fate/Stay Saber Sword xD As well as the Aerith Staff and a few other props xD Just let me know...

Also for officially official purposes.... Can we Repost times for all Potential Photoshoots here Once more? <3 Would be luffed if so ^.^
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