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Originally Posted by MedievalGirl View Post
Ha. I found it. The fabric for Snow's Riding doublet is Robert Allen Diamond Tuft. Once I had the name and searched on that I realized it had come up before many times. However it was so poorly photographed that I couldn't see the pattern. It comes in both white and natural and I guess the white would work better. There is even a local place that has it.
You are a god for finding that fabric. I've been running searches for days and apparently I'm not entirely great at finding fabric online.

Since Snow's war council outfit is one I fell in love with when I saw it, I have to do it. I'd LOVE to get it done by Nan Desu Kan 2013 but I don't know how well I'll stick to that timeline especially since I recently just got back in cosplay. I'm sure I've nearly forgotten how to sew. xD

In terms of Snow's war council outfit though, I managed to snap a few(albeit blurry) screen shots of the Entertainment Weekly video and while he was holding up Snow's jacket I noticed that it has a bit of a split and what I coined 'cheat snap' on the bottom of the jacket before it flares out and it's cleverly hidden under the belt. You can also see that the shirt that is oozing from her sleeves is a separate shirt, and previously I was going to make it a pull over top until I found out this. As for the lining, it looks like a satin sort of material, judging by various shots of the sun having a tendency to 'shine' off of the material.

Her sleeves make my life a lot easier. As a general quirk, I hate attaching sleeves to anything and this is basically making tubes and attaching them with what looks, strangely, like twine with more Swarovski crystals at the ends.
Upper Sleeve Detail
Full Sleeve Detail

Here you can also see another snap holding the top of her jacket together where it meets, the fabric pattern of the belt which seems to be a shiny crisscross pattern and the detailed piece in the middle, and you can also see a bit more of the pattern of the accompanying cloak. I'm thinking it's a lightly furred flower or vine pattern but I haven't found any really good images to compare that idea to. The lining of the cape you can see is a type of satin, or at least shiny satin-esque material.
Cape Side-Zoom
Cape Bias
Cape Inner

Another thing I was struggling with was trying to figure out if the draped skirt was one single piece or if it was split into four panels. Turns out it is four different panels attached to the inside of the jacket and flowing from there. In terms of figuring out what the skirt is made of, I figured I'd just go with a nice Egyptian cotton in a cream or color as close to the Robert Allen color swatch as I can get.
Skirt Side
Skirt Back
Skirt Back2
Belt Back

The EW interviewer said her pants were made of leather but the more I study screen shots of her outfit, the more I'm convinced its just the front of her pants that have the leather while the backside of her pants are a more breathable material in keeping with the practicality of riding breeches. One could simply buy a pair of riding breeches rather than construct them as it seems to me they are made almost identically.

The most frustrating part to me are her boots. Knee-length and light coffee brown, they seem to have only a small buckle on the back side of the boots They are plain leather flat boots with an almost non-existent heel and have a zipper running on the side of them. I'm currently hunting through various websites for a similar or exact pair and if I find them, I'll definitely post them.
Boots Back1

I should be sleeping... So, uh, yeah, and that's my breakdown for anyone else looking to do this costume. We can swap info and whatnot. Wheeeeeeee....
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