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Originally Posted by Mika_Chan View Post
I'm a homestuck fan.. OTZ
I've heard from a friend that "buckets" refer to sexy times or something of the sort. Hence the giggle snorting an running away.
What....? That doesn't make a lick of sense... :/

I agree, Hetalia, Homestuck and MLP is the worst right now (from what I seen on forums/tumblr and hear about from friends/classmates. I one of those people who try to judge a series by their fandom, because people said there's stupid people everywhere! For the longest time at school and online I was secret fan of Hetalia. O.o I like the series, because I love history <3 But some girl at my school kind of ruin it for me because she kept on following me around and calling me her "tomato" ._. It got weird after awhile. Good thing she was a senior.... I couldn't take another year of it. There two boys who were trying to make a bronies club at school, but the principle said no to them. xD

I want to cosplay Hetalia but I don't want to be part of a fandom that have immature people. But after reading you guys post, I'm going to take your advice and not let a few people stop me from cosplaying who I want. I think I'll wait awhile before doing any cosplay from Hetalia.
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