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Originally Posted by Ron Jr View Post
Ok I am about to set the high water mark. My Return of The Jedi Darth Vader is over the $6,000.00 mark and I am not done yet. The helmet alone was around $900.00. The cape $300.00 leather suit $600.00. It gets crazy when you want screen acurate.
Good lord, I'm making a Luminara Unduli cosplay (from The Phantom Menace), which is already getting expensive, but you definitely take the cake! Some things can't be screen accurate on mine though just 'cause I'm working on a tight budget and a tight time frame.

I did shell out about $150 for Luminara's lightsaber and by now well over $100 on fabric, not counting screen printing materials, trims, headdress, and petticoat.

Originally Posted by Neelh View Post
This has made it clear to me that I am a cheapskate closet cosplayer.
Mm-hmm, and mine always seem so expensive when I go through my bank records and receipts at the end of the month D:

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