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Getting back into Naruto, gonna cosplay from it.

I just remember how annoying the fans used to be and how a lot of horror stories start with 'they were wearing naruto headbands'

... I hope it's not that bad anymore, there's certainly enough other fandoms that are considered annoying now, hopefully people don't snub me for cosplaying it at the very least.

As for the others, I don't care for Homestuck but I've never personally seen them being annoying. Pretty much same for Hetalia, and since my sis and cousin are huge bronies I go to brony con and the people there were nothing but respectful to me personally.

In some cases, maybe it's just the huge numbers people see them in that makes it more annoying than if one or two were getting out of hand. Dunno.


What the heck is a Hambeast? I have never heard that word before this week .__.
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