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Originally Posted by Raiji Magiwind View Post
I think though for me, I would love to see a possible special attempt to gather a complete Velvet Room in celebration of Otakon's 20th. So that would be Philemon, Belladona, Igor, Nameless, the Demon Artist, Elizabeth, Theo, and Margret.

What say you my fellow Persona fans? Think we can make it happen? XD
Yea as awesome as this idea is, I doubt you're going to find someone to be Igor. :\ I think he'd be a fun challenge with the nose and bald head and all. But I can't really commit to wanting to try to pull him off, he's just so ugly!

We still have a long way to go before Otakon but I'm planning to bring Elizabeth as of now. Who knows, maybe by the time the con rolls around I will have talked someone into doing Margaret.
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