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Well, hello, thread, long time no see. How are things?

I'm just mad as hell right now. There's a really great little place near where I live called the Artisan's Emporium, and basically you rent a space and set up your own little shop and they have people who run the shop for you and you make money, all fun, right?
So since it's $75 a month, a friend and I were going to split it, but now she's invited a few new people in. They're making plushies and jewelry, and I'm making lolita skirts and cosplay items and some other clothing things.
Mine takes up a load more space than theirs, and they're all telling me that 1/4th of a 10x6 foot booth is plenty of space to put stuff.
And in all fairness, I can 'put stuff' there. But I can't DISPLAY stuff, can't put anything that will make people stop and come look at the booth. I'm just going to be the salesman rack in the corner with science-y printed skirts. No one's going to notice them or find them. In the other people's spaces, they can each put more than $600 worth of sell-able stuff. I'd be lucky to fit $100.
Yeah, sweet jesus, that's fair.
Current sewing machine count: 9 and a serger. I need to stop buying any machine I find that works and is less than $50. I have a problem.

Also you can add me on twitter! Unless you have something better to do with your time than read about the insanity of my life.

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