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Woooow. Your friend kinda flaked out on you huh? Sorta sounds like the other friends of hers wanted to third wheel you outta the table for their own display purposes. Maybe it would be better to save up the money and try your own table?

There's a similar sort of store I've gone to before, they called it an antiques shop but it was basically the same set up you mentioned. Some folks even had Avon cosmetics for sale o__O

You could see how the first month went for your sales and decide from there if it was worth it.

Try designing some good business cards (If you don't do design yourself my boyfriend does business graphic design stuff and could get something commissioned for you, graphic design just isn't my niche so you'd have to speak with him) and have them available on your table and included with any purchases you make. You could also try making up a small flyer, sort of like the ones passed out at anime cons, that have your personal information and websites you can be reached at. Include both these things not only on the table, but to be included with all purchases so folks have other methods of finding you.

The point of that is to give people other places to reach you at so if you decide to close the booth after the first month they have somewhere else to find you later on.
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