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Kimono patterns are a dime a dozen, I think all the major companies have them as well as Folkwear and possibly some other historical companies.

The prices seem reasonable to me, but that's because I'm used to the fact that serious historical patterns from Reconstructing History and other small companies are much more expensive than the ones you get at the fabric store, precisely because the patterns are extremely specialized. So, as long as you make your potential customers aware that the reason prices are what they are is because of the custom nature of them, and that you're NOT a major pattern company mass-producing thousands of printed patterns a year, so it's going to cost more than a 99 cent sale at Joann's.

That said, just make sure you label the patterns with generic names, like "school uniform mens/womens" and "military coat" and "pleated skirt," not the trademarked name of any anime or character. That way you don't have to worry about violating copyrights or trademarks and getting in trouble.
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