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For....about everything I have for Ciel (currently and planned, not including closet cosplays)....I'd say the breakdown goes something like this:

First cosplay (red, fanart)- $100.00
Second (cultist/choir)- $55.00
Third (episode 2? coat)- $55.00
Fourth (cloak)- $105.00
Fifth (season 2)- $35.00
Sixth-(upcoming commission)- $200.00
Top hat- $45.00
Wigs (three, replaced my first, third came with a cosplay)- $34.00
Rings (had to replace one at a convention)- $30.00
Socks and sock garters- $28.00
Shoes and boots- $131.00
Eye patches- $10.00
Gloves- $12.00
Sebastian rabbit (custom made by Jadedsilk)- $90.00

Total? About $930.00


And yet...I continue to plan more. What's wrong with me?
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