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Originally Posted by flash1616 View Post
Hmmm you don't have a Pisti, I'm equally interested in cosplaying her, even though her clothes are light I should be warm if I make the robe (which I could also use later for Yamuraiha).
awww we'd love a pisti!! And you certainly could reuse the Sindria robe for Yamuraiha later :>

Originally Posted by Roses-and-red View Post
Tehehhe^^. That's sounds good~ I'll also be having a Aladdin and Yamuraiha joining me, if you don't mind some more doubles
ofc ofc!! the more the merrier! D I can't wait to see your cosplays! aahh!

Originally Posted by Cooie View Post
I love Magi! I think I'm gonna cosplay Yamuraiha for AN though, not sure yet.
Ahh! another magi fan! I'm planning on holding a Magi photoshoot at AN this year so I hope you can join us
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