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Tarinalove- aaaaaaah I LOVE IT

Thanks guys ^^

I decided to make park Merida for myself cause I finally saw the movie haha I ordered sooo many swatches @-@

I'm trying to finish my commissions so I can work on her!

I was finally working on the two sets of wings when my wire cutters broke .-. I had the motivation but life was like NOPE.

THANKFULLY. My boss asked for a rush order for a Minnie dress so Ill have money to buy new ones by next week >.<

My plan is to knock out this airbrushed Tink dress that I'm about to start and that Minnie dress this week :X and then Rapunzel the next two weeks so I can have a monthish to work on Merida and Eh it's my secret cosplay but eh I'll post it here only, Rogue from xmen for wondercon xD
Oh hey that's Disney woop I can blab about it here xD
I bought my patterns from god save the queen fashions almost $90.. My tears. But I'm excited cause dream cosplay! I won't have her jacket done yet cause I want to make it out of leather so that's another challenge for another time~

IM CRAZY. 5 costumes in two months. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
My Cosplay FB Page!!
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