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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
Added myself! I saw someone just few blocks away from me but it was seen as anonymous ; u ; Ah...
Not sure if that was me or not since I didnt get had to add my name and stuff.
Regardless though, I see youre going to AX and you live in LA, so hi!
Those things both apply to me.
Plus you like Homestuck! <333
On a side note, I think I've quoted you before in the SoCal thread...
AX 15 Lineup :
Day 1: Mew Lettuce with group
Day 2: Homura Akemi with group
Day 3: Wonderful Rush!Rin/June verison!Umi
Day 4: Chibi Moon maybe?

2015 Cons:
PMX 15
ALA 15
Comikaze 15 (One day only)
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