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I'm still not completely decided, but I'm tempted to do a Discord cosplay.

A friend of mine really wants to do Pinky Pie, and her BF is still reluctant to do something from MLP (even though he loves the show). I was also reluctant to do an MLP cosplay for the lack of male characters.

Then the idea of, "Well, why play a 'pony'?" came to mind. I think Discord would be a super fun cosplay. I have some ideas but it's still very rough in my mind. If I go through with it, I may actually grow out my chin beard, then trim and bleach it before the con.

I'm thinking some artistic time on moldable plastic and some paint can do the horn and antler. Then an arm cover for lion arm, and a tight wrap for the eagle claw arm, with a pointy-fingered glove to match. The legs I want to get the general jist, probably modify some old pants, and have them connect to the shoes so the reptile and horse foot go down over my feet. A bit of artistic freedom may need to be implemented with the feet. I didn't plan those out much.

Wings. I've always wanted to do wings on a costume, and these would be small and easier. I'll probably get some help in the construction forums for that, since it's more technical.

So basically I'm going not for a human version, but humanoid, just to keep it a little easier than a full body costume. I'm not sure when I'd be able to debut it, but I'm guessing I should take at least half a year for prep.

I'm still not completely decided on this, as it would be a big project to undertake, but I wanted to know if anybody else had opinions on it. What do you think? Any specific or general ideas come to mind? Would the pony-folk at cons be excited to see a discord?
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