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Originally Posted by Myribee View Post
@Brilanna I am very excited! It's just a matter of talking the boyfriend into going. He's not keen on $50 for tickets, or the 4 hour drive, but that's a manageable ticket price still even for me and I don't mind driving. He's still grumpy about it, though. x3

I've always wanted to go to A-kon. I'm hoping to see a lot more people from this thread at that con.
Well honestly the drive does suck but A-kon is well worth it. I had a blast first time i go to go. I will say this though once you go you will be like O.O OMG OMG COSPLAY everywhere...just be warned it's hard to get around sometimes. >.> like can of sardines hard lol.

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
I love spouting my random nonsense on there so it doesn't clutter any other site up. I can just spend hours surfing that site though, oh my god.. the only bad thing is so much porn.

A-kon.. ahh, I'm super excited for it, I just have to pay down the family credit cards a bit so I can use one to hold my room. They want a night up front and that's just annoying since I'm just now getting money for Matsuri.

And uhh.. yeah, I kind of forgot today was Sunday... so by the time I left from visiting my dad the fabric store was closed. I win the derp award. At least he's coming home tomorrow! With some special things.. like one hell of an IV I have to hook up once a day. For two weeks.. but it's better then him staying there for two weeks.
I'm not a big fan of tumblr really and it's because i tried to use it and was like >.> where are the controls yeah. And actually they can't ask for a night up front because of the way the hotels work they can't charge you till you actually stay there or show up and stay a night +. Other than that though i'm still working on Matsuri.
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