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Originally Posted by darkangel7410 View Post
Well honestly the drive does suck but A-kon is well worth it. I had a blast first time i go to go. I will say this though once you go you will be like O.O OMG OMG COSPLAY everywhere...just be warned it's hard to get around sometimes. >.> like can of sardines hard lol.

I'm not a big fan of tumblr really and it's because i tried to use it and was like >.> where are the controls yeah. And actually they can't ask for a night up front because of the way the hotels work they can't charge you till you actually stay there or show up and stay a night +. Other than that though i'm still working on Matsuri.
Just curious, have you been to the Anatole? It's massive. As big as Akon is, I think the hotel will be able to handle it spacewise. Beyond the huge lobbies and ridiculously long hallways, the outdoor areas are beautiful as well. I'm sure there will be room for all the cosplay. :P

Akon does have a 1 night deposit required. They will charge your credit card when you make your reservation. It's in the booking rules, which means they can and will charge it. If you don't want to pay one night up front, book one of the other Market Center hotels- there's a bunch in the area. Personally I am staying at the Doubletree since it's walking distance, has free parking, and isn't charging me up front.
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