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wow.. Belle's new design is lovely.. ^_^ and it amazes me how dedicated you all are.. I look bad compared to you all.. You all have the skills and know how to make amazing cosplays.. lol..

Well, I'm still working on Mulan's hair.. I decided that instead of making a full wig, I just made some simple yarn hair falls out of black yarn and a headband, so that it's not uncomfortable and heavy on my head.. It looks rather cute, and it leaves some of my true hair color.. I look too strange/bad with solid black hair all around.. even my grandpa says so.. lol.. So I think I've found my solution for cosplaying characters with other hair colors without the need for an uncomfortable wig..

Also, I'm taking my own spin on the dress(es) - the ones from the movie are done over and over, so I wanna try something different.. I also wanna make her a dress like the women wore in the Tang dynasty - they're so pretty! BBL!
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