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Another fun one, Bruce. Definitely captures the feel of the Power Rangers in the pose, set, and processing (or developing). When was that? I don't know the Power Rangers well enough to put a date on that costume, but IMDB shows him as the Green Ranger in '93-94 and then again in 2004.

I haven't shot any new cosplay in the past several weeks, so here's something a little different.

My local photography club often has photoshoot meetups, and we're always short on models (usually about a 5-to-1 ratio). So for the past couple of meets, I've gone to model instead of shoot. January's meetup had a theme of Blockbuster Movie, to come as a movie character. Here's one of my favorite shots of me from that shoot.

February's meetup is "Super Heroes and Super Villains" - haven't decided whether I'm going to shoot or model. I don't have any suitable costumes, but my wife has always said she wants to put me in a Nightwing cosplay. I don't know if we can whip together anything worthwhile in just three weeks.
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