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Originally Posted by sicdedman View Post
Ritz Milner is $89 a night - $308 after Tax for 3 Nights. it's good for (Shower/Sleep) parking right next door for $10 a day. 2013 will be my 4th year staying there, it is not the best but cheap. gives you extra money to spend at Con and for Food.
I stayed there last year and we had a roach in the shower and it leaked on the bathroom floor. Also, the management wasn't very helpful when I had an issue. One of my roomates had bugbites during one of the night as well. Its cheaper but not worth it. The room is also too small if you have medium to large sized props.
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These are maybes:
Kimblee: FMA Brotherhood
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P.S. I might skip out on some of these if I feel lazy that day =P

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