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My first experiance was while I went to visit my sister in NYC. She lives in an apartment in Brooklyn. I didn't even get down the front steps before somebody complimented me. I went to the pier (the queer pier as it's called) and I gave out flyers for a talent show for queer PoC. They all loved my dress and it made me feel so good about myself. I felt really confident and I even did a Jpop dance in the talent show. People said I looked like a princess.
After that I had the confidence to wear lolita to school and the mall in Kansas where I live. I get lots of weird stares and rarely get any kind words but I don't really care. I just smile when I see snide looks because I know that they are being shallow and I know I look damn good.
I still can't believe I actually finished a cosplay.
Tentative Cosplay List:
Porrim Maryam - Homestuck
Kirino Kousaka - Oreimo
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