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Tulipe: sounds like fuuun!!~ Can't wait to see pics

I'm currently procrastinating and watching videos instead of working on finishing up my costumes for Wonder Con :P So far, my line-up is as follows:

Friday: Supergirl (add snaps to cape!~) and then Disney Parks Alice (done!~)
Saturday: Ice Queen (Re-patterned AGAIN with new pattern, and need to get to work. I DID cut out the skirts and finish the bustle, tiara, and necklace, though!~), Rarity (zipper and cutie mark), and then Princess Merida (done!~)
Sunday: Vanellope (sew short wefts to base of wig) and then Wonder Woman (done!~)

*GWAH* Only a month and a half to go for sewing time! Lillian is being postponed for D23 Expo, since I think more fans would understand the character at a Disney convention and I'll just finish my Hobbit dress when I can
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