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Making a bodysuit?

Hi everyone! I'm cosplaying the new Journey Into Mystery Lady Sif and I need to make a bodysuit >.<
Normally, I would just buy one (and trust me, I've been searching every dance site!) but I'm 5'10" and, well, dancers are on average like somewhere around 5'5". Hmph. So none of those bodysuits would fit my long torso.

I've seen some other posts with links to patterns but none of them worked anymore. I need a long sleeve with preferably a turtle neck type neckline.

Also, what material do you suggest? Something that's breathable since I'm in Florida (hot, hot, hot. Also, I'm from Sweden and still not used to this heat LOL). I'd like to use a similar cut and fabric as [this] lovely woman used in hers.

More reference pics [here] and [here]

ALTERNATIVELY, if you happen to know any places that sell red body suits made especially for longer torsos that would be cool too! Haha.
Thanks everyone!
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