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Originally Posted by Ilafatyu View Post
Tempest: Miku comes pre-equipped with armtubeglove things, the perfect tool for MtF crossplay.
I think you should try experimenting with a little blush, personally. Not a ton, just a little bit to get a sort of feminine 'glow', I guess you'd say. When I crossplay, I get rid of as much pinkness as possible, so it just seems logical to do the reverse when crossing the other way. But I'm not an expert, so... Yeah. It would also help balance the bright lipstick you wore in the first few photos, I think. The bright lipstick makes your lips look fuller, so I'd say stick with bright.

Commentary from others more experienced than I?
Thanks for your honest opinion! Actually, I was not wearing lip stick in any of those pictures, but just lip gloss. It was probably due to the fill flash and post-processing.

I have tried experimenting with blush several times in the past, but I and several others decided that it does not compliment my face well. Maybe I'll do some comparison pics of with and without blush for a better critique, though.
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