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Ello~ I'm 21 years old and a 3rd year junior at Georgia Tech, crawling towards a BA in Computer Engineering. I transitioned from another Tech campus last semester so I'm still trying to wrap my head around this school aha.

I used to attend club meetings for Women's in Electrical/Computer Engineering but my schedule this semester doesn't really permit me to attend the meetings anymore. They have these interesting coffee talks that I can go to though so I may start attending those instead. I thought about joining the anime club but the last anime clubs I've been to at other schools have left me horrified so I never returned. I don't have much high hopes for the club here either lolol.

I'm a full time student and I'm not allowed to work during the semester because my parents don't want me to have a panic attack or something equally worse. I'm hoping to get a summer internship though to pay for some stuff~

Ahh, hmm, I mainly spend winter and summer break working on cosplays since the con schedule in Georgia is fairly spaced out. So that's nice for me. I rather not freak out my roommates tbh. I haven't made any cosplay friends here yet which is why I considered going to anime club, but I'm still kind of nervous.

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