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Originally Posted by sierria View Post
XD I am attempting to put one from Magi and one from K to Sakura con! (basically decided by whether I can get kougyoku's wig to work out or not s: it still hasn't arrived yet! so nervous! Dx
After I figure out which one I do for Magi I can see if I have enough time to figure out Anna (if not I can go in my "burglar cosplay" Bandou HAHA)

Can I ask who you'll be cosplaying as?
Oh man! I hope you're able to get Kougyoku's wig in time! That's pretty nerve-wracking. Dx
x'D Bandou or Anna would be awesome~ Good luck with whatever ends up working out!

x'D Alibaba in his gladiator get-up from Magi, and I'm actually trying to see if I have time/money to make Fushimi from K Project. x.x That's up in the air though.

(and the Director from Disgaea.)

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