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Arda wigs. if you have a larger head. (21" circumference or larger heads)

Resize the Chibi to match your head shape first.

How to make it.

And if you have a small head size this seller (20" circumference or smaller heads )

^ A Lot of ebay seller steal this manufactures/sellers photo's to sell their wigs. They are not the same wig at all so don't be fooled.

Here is another 2 sellers that carries the Yuki brand wig but again will only fit small head sizes. 3210 em2313b99212

Costume-Con 32
Souryuu ~ Yami no Matsuei
Jack & Red Queen

Anime North
Laplace no Ma
Souryuu/Regina ~ Once Upon a Time

Future cosplays/cons:
Madeline Hatter Legacy Day
Sakizou Arachne
Steampunk - Bride

For Sale
My Wigs Mascot, Costumes (Humanity has Declined) & D.Gray-man Poker Cards Zori&Tabi from Japan

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