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@Merino: Awww, but graduation is more important! You don't want to fail a course and have to redo it in summer...summer trimesters are already hard as it is, no need to add one you don't need lol. You'll see how she goes, there's always next year AN! I doubt there won't be a FF photoshoot considering it's size every year lol.

@Lost7Soul: Done! Have fun with your other cosplay though! ^^

@kawaiilove: So do I! ...after ConG is done xD

@Declineage: Nice! Well if you're cosplaying him the saturday you'll be able to socialise with a lot of FF8 cosplayers!

@uzuki54: Progress on Daryl, congrat! ...which reminds me that I still need to finish Setzer's coat for ConG...Liliana, please don't kill me xD *throws resin jewels for Celes in her face so she won't attack me for a while*

@MDA: Thanks! Added to the results! And as for the Homestuck photoshoot before us, if we're lucky it will do like the KH photoshoot in 2012 and they'll be kind enough to leave in time ...otherwise...I think we'll be hard to miss anyway with the amount of people in the FF photoshoot x'D

On that, thanks everyone for the votes! If you haven't vote yet on a location or time, please do so here! So far it appears it will be at the TCC1 (now named TCC2) with 8 votes ^^
Vote/Manual Poll information here:

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