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1. Okay, so since you're new to cosplaying, it's important to get a pattern that isn't like a 16 piece dress. Pattern B would be a very good choice for his dress, with a few modifications. (Just make the top of the dress near the breasts straight instead of "m" shaped so it does poke under the overshirt.
For the over shirt, I can suggest that you take this pattern as a base, and modify it. Like instead of attaching buttons, just sew the two sides together, and curving the back of the shirt instead of keeping it straight. I suggest you use patterns for E or F.
simplicity is a great pattern company, and most of their patterns are as the company name states- simple
2. If there's one thing I know from cosplaying, it's to never be afraid to by simple things and modify them! If you can, first try and find gloves that are company made. If you can, then you can paint the designs on them. If you can't, then you can find a glove pattern on somewhere like google, or if you can find one at a fabric store that'd be wonderful, and just make it as long and big as you need. You would be doing good if you used elastic at the top if the gloves, so they wouldn't fall down.
3. It's possible to make the gems she has out of clay. I used baked Sculpey clay when I did my toon Zelda and skyloft Zelda, and it came out fine. You paint it and glaze it to give it shine.
4. White fabric paint. It'll take a couple of layers, but fabric pant is the simplest way to out n the Hylian letters.
5. I don't know if its just my thing, but I always do designs in fabric paint. Unless you wanna go the probably quicker but more complicated way by using iron on applicants like Heat 'n' Bond to Brown fabric, then I would choose fabric paint.
6. I've seen people take white fabric for her panel and then paint on it with water colors. But again, fabric paint for the designs. Fabric paint is your savior if you're doing Zelda.
7. I order from this website frequently, and I can suggest this wig. a lot of people trust websites like arda wigs, also.
8. Usually you can find blue colored contacts at cosmetic stores. This is also a trusted ear site.
9. The sword's hilt can be done with wood, if you're skilled enough. I'm not exactly sure how since I don't work with wood that often, but it can be done. Or you can use cardboard by folding it, and then paper mâché it.
Good luck with your cosplay!
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