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Ahhh, everyone looks amazing!
Well, this is I guess my 'before' picture.

I recovered from an eating disorder (I was anorexic with purging qualities they said) so I gained like 60 lbs from 105 lbs. It was a good thing though and my body needed it. Before my eating disorder however I was thinner than that but since my metabolism was way out of whack I gained more than my normal weight. I was rowing at the time the picture was taken so my arms looks pretty good! Haha. But I definitely had a belly.

Here are some photos of me currently (two years later) taken from my Tumblr
Kind of an awkward angle. It was a yoga pic lol

I'm currently at 133 lbs and I'm 5'10" ^-^ So I'm at a pretty healthy weight for me height! I've finally gotten my metabolism back in order and I run (like everyday) and do some strength training. Since I don't have access to a gym at the moment I use a lot of resistance band word and various forms of crunches. I also do a lot of yoga but that's more for my anxiety than my work out. But yeah! So there's my progress. If anything, I just want to get more toned. I'm doing a lot more cardio now (running more, basically) and some new ab workouts.
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