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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
I know it's rhetorical but...

/raises hand

Seriously I'm too old for that. I know it's not the character, it's a person in a costume.

/gets cane and chases people off the lawn
I beg to differ with your physical age being too old, as I am about the same age. Mental age, however, is fully up to each individual's decision, and thus it matters not how many years are behind them.

It's just like when you're watching a movie, let's say with Mike Meyers in Auntin Powers. Do you look at the characters and refer to them as Mike, or would you refer to them as Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard, and Austin Powers?

It's understandable to not be able to suspend reality IRL as easily as it is to do so when watching the screen, but I certainly do to an extent. When I saw a girl dressed as Lina Inverse at my first con, I was like, "OMIGOSH! It's Lina Inverse! I have to get a picture with her!" I was almost to the point of squeeing, which is unusual for me. Note, this was only 2 years ago, so not like I was a little kid either.

Shall I revise my statement? How about this.
I would not pass up the opportunity to get a picture with someone in a really convincing cosplay of one of my favorite characters.
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