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Lady Deadpool Cosplay Help/Suggestions

I want to do a Lady Deadpool costume for Fanime. I'm considering buying one online, if it's not horribly expensive. I want to know a good site buy the costume, b/c i don't want one that looks really off and falls apart when I put it on. I would prefer one that is easy to put on, and the boots, gloves, and mask are unattached to the rest of the suit. And since Lady Deadpool has a ponytail coming out of the back of her mask, so I was wondering how I would do that, b/c I have blonde hair right now, but I don't think it'll be long enough for Fanime, so I was thinking a clip-on wig piece just in case. I'll probably end up making the belt and the sword myself, which will hopefully be the most inexpensive thing to the costume.
I've found a site that has tutorials on how to make zentai/catsuits, but I'm not really good at sewing, so I would have to get my mom's help. The site is, and some of the links to other site don't work b/c they've been taken down.
Any help is appreciated!
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