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Hi, I want to cosplay this:

Normally I would use normal cotton/broadcloth/poplin, but I thought it would look too flat here. Since the uniform design is not that realistic.

I guess twill always works, and I have a lot of white twill I might be able to dye, but I'm not sure if it would be too stiff. I really like the soft look of the CGs.

So cotton sateen has a nice softness, but maybe it is too thin...

I thought knits have a nice look too, but would a double knit be able to hold the pleats well?

I don't know what kind of fabric to use.... ;-;

Originally Posted by Quackalackin View Post
Umm, hi! I'm pretty new to sewing, but I'm looking for help with materials. I'm going to ask my grandma to help me sew a skirt, but I have no idea what materials to use!

It's for Haruhi Suzumiya:

It needs to be an easily functioned fabric - that was probably the wrong wording LOL - and very simple for a beginner to use. I was also curious if the same fabric could be used on both the sailor collar and the skirt?
You should use the same fabric for both the collar and skirt, otherwise the colour will be hard to match. ^^
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