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The Toshiya one only has like one or two images because it was from a calendar. But for both costumes I made all the clothing items. I assisted my friend in making the dreadlocks. It took a lot of crazy planning, but a few crack-headed 2 a.m. ideas worked out and she had an awesome wig. The dreadlocks were made of quilt batting that was rolled and hand stitched closed. Then spray painted and then we had to flex them a lot to make them less crunchy^^ Once it was all done we sewed the dreads to a mesh top that was attached to the visor. It had it's own seat in the car on the way to the con. It's super heavy even though the materials were light weight because there's so much going on. Once we got the wig on her, we began to understand why Kyo had the chinstrap on that visor in the first place. It held the whole thing on. Without it, the wig would have just slid off her head.
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