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Originally Posted by Midnight Dawn View Post
OK, so you have other characters to work with.

Now if you go the drama route, it's more then likely going to be a direct scene from the anime. However this expansion can wait as I still don't know what other characters you got working with you.

Comedy route, the most obvious is to play off her love for pizza and the ridiculous extremes she would go about to get it or perhaps a history lesson seeing as she's immortal she can recount historical figures she met in an odd way or how she invented certain ideas.

Depending on your input, I can then branch off from there.
i would like to make it funny also for people who havent seen code geass as well as the people that have seen it so i'd probably like to play off her love of pizza and her extremes chances are the friends that can help me will be from other animes maybe one of them could ask for a slice of pizza and i could over react i'm not sure XD

btw thank you so much for helping me out with this!!!
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