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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, and lol, serious? That makes me happy to hear. xD...

Amy Pond.... she's pretty, so that's pretty nice you first thought of her. O_o... but yeah, not too detailed. Pluuuus, don't know if I would be a good red head. ...

Beryl might be hard body-wise as you said. Also, I would be a pretty short Beryl I think. x_x.... *Is only 5'6*

Oh yeah... I am liking her. Exactly the kind of stuff I want. Detailed and nice. Googling her pictures, she DOES have some nice clothes too. I will give this suggestion thought. Thanks.

A guy crossplaying a girl crossdressing. What a story to tell. Lol. I tried getting into this show, and I couldn't though, so it would be hard to do a character from a show I couldn't get into. :/.... I will say though, I don't mind showing leg at all. Heck, I have had someone tell me my legs are better than most girls. x_x....

As for you...

I can see you doing Nariko from Heavenly Sword... but she is a tad bit revealing....strike that.....very revealing. :/...

To use up the circle lenses, if you straighten your hair, you could try for an Ai Enma. She also wears kimonos.

A few others that come to mind if you straighten your hair:

I think you could also do a pretty nice Sailor Mars as well.

Sabrina from Pokemon could work too.

Another one that could work (And has red eyes too) could be Violetta from Grandia 3. However, she would probably go unrecognized by people... but hey, that scythe!

Lastly, perhaps Lulu from Final Fantasy X?

Kind of hard finding a black wavy hair match, and with the wig thing, tried avoid many wig ideas, haha. s:.... also, you remind me of a girl I went to school with too. Was sitting there looking at your image for a while saying it to myself "Why does she remind me of someone"..... kind of made it harder. xD.... probably about her height too. Your name isn't Amie by chance, right?
I do own a straightener and am totes willing to straighten my hair! Also thanks for the suggestions.

I really like Violetta's character design, after looking into it, I would love to get into Grandia III. It seems rad and I have a PS2.

I love Sabrina. She was my favorite as a kid and I think that's totally rad. Thank you!

Sailor Mars is rad! I'd totes do her, but I wouldn't wanna go alone, so I'd want a group.

Thanks again!
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