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Exclamation Tidus ~ Final Fantasy X

Reference Pictures:

I'm wondering what material to use for Tidus's main black overall? Is it leather or something else?
** I would like to be able to get in water but it isnt something that is necessary...

The short-sleeve-hoodie is it basic cotton or knit?

The light blue shorts underneath? I have no guesses... maybe spandex and then the blue panels being suede?

The red part on the armor piece that is woven? Should i use wire (base) and bias in order for it to bow out?

So many questions... I'm sorry if they aren't clear I'm just kinda feeling overwhelmed at the moment.
Also my local fabric stores suck and have wonky hours... any websites that you could suggest that you have personally ordered from? Especially for faux leathers/Pleather/ PVC/ Vinyl.... not that cruddy home decor stuff ><

I'm trying to make this by March, if unsuccessfully by March no later than May.

(Also I already posted this in the fabric suggestions... but I haven't gotten any replies yet and I'm beginning to become a little desperate.)
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