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Last-Minute Free Katsucon Photographer Available! 2/15-2/17

Now I know this is a little last minute for most people, but after consulting my schedule, I decided to open up a few slots for photoshoots at Katsucon this year!

-My shoots are FREE. I am not a professional photographer and will not charge as such.
-Each shoot lasts 45minutes maximum
-Shoots at this con are limited to no more than five people
-Resulting photos will be posted to my Photography Blog on Tumblr
-Examples of my photography can be found at Geisha Photography on Tumblr
-I'm a cosplayer too, so I will most likely be in costume while taking your pictures

Alright, now that that's been squared away, here are the important details: The time slots!

11am - Open
8:30pm - Louixa

10am - Vivi Cakes
5pm - Maybemelancholy
8pm - Megaboner

9am - Open
10am - Jennapeakaboo

TO REQUEST A SHOOT: Please fill out This Form as it is the easiest way for me to get all the information I need! Thanks in advance!
Desmond Miles
James Kidd
Ezio Auditore*
Kadar Al-Sayf
Rebecca Crane*

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Kadar Al-Sayf
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* = Pending

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