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Ditto to what others have said about MARTA. I live in Georgia and go to Atlanta several times a year. Most of the time I use MARTA to get around town with no trouble. I've stayed on the edge of the city and took the train for my first Dragon*Con. And now, even though I stay at at a host hotel, I still park my car at a MARTA station and take the train to get off at Peachtree Station (nearest exit point to the con, not Civic Center like someone said above). From the Airport station to Peachtree, you're probably looking at a $5 ticket and 20-25 min ride. A cab would probably cost around $30 min. A third option is shuttles, but they probably cost nearly as much as cabs. Check The station exit actually takes you directly into the food court, which to me as unofficially part of the con grounds.

Speaking of con grounds, I don't know if you're aware, but the con is really spread out over several city blocks. It's not limited to a single building like 99% of cons out there. The host hotels ARE the con, as well as connecting streets and walkway tunnels.

This seems to be the worst year to date for hotels. Host hotels booked within hours of going on sale, and even overflow ones within walking distance have been quite full since the fall. Your best bet is to follow that LiveJournal link someone else posted to the lady who tracks hotel deals. If these happen to get freed up from cancellations, definitely snatch it up: Motel 6 (one block north of Hilton), Holiday Inn Downtown (2 blocks west of Hyatt), or formerly Days Inn/Hotel ATL (also 2 blocks west of Hyatt). Of course, if you can somehow get any of the 5 host ones (Hyatt Regancy, Marriott Marquis, Hilton, Sheraton, Westin Peachtree), you should thank the cosplay gods with offerings everyday!

And if you have time to kill, I do have a blog (in my sig below) with a guide to D*C for newbies and first time attendees like yourself. Hopefully, you'll find something in there useful. And feel free to ask more questions on here!
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